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Jamaica is your island and has much to offer.  We want you to join with us as we go out and learn more about our beautiful island of Jamaica that has tourist coming back.  Jamaica has much more to offer than white sand beaches and waterfalls.  There is a lot of hidden beauty so we challenge you to go out and explore.  Once you see how much Jamaica has to offer, you will appreciate it more, so remember “Jamaica, it’s your island, go out amd explore!

Below are some editions of the magazines that you will be able to read freely once you subscribe to our yearly plan.  We will also have print editions for those who want to have a physical copy to put in their library or on their coffee table.

The town of Port Royal was once known as the wickedest city in the world. This was the place where pirates like Henry Morgan was located The streets at times were filled with buccaneers and women and things like drinking and getting drunk were a part of everyday life. In this special issue you learn a lot more about the once ‘wickedest city’ in the world.

We also give you the history of the breadfruit tree which has the potential to help eradicate hunger and was the cause of the famous ‘mutiny on the bounty’.

We travel from Port Royal and visit the best little pasta house in Jamaica, Evita’s. This is where you can taste some special Italian dishes mixed with Jamaican flavour. You will also learn about the late Evita Myers, who’s dream it was to build this place.

We also have a great Jamaican Nyamings food section and don’t forget our Shades of Brown girl who is featured on the cover, Monique.

Enjoy the content as there is much more to read.

One of our readers once asked for us to do an edition about off the beaten path and we were happy to oblige.  This edition is filled with places that you have to go off the beaten path to see and we just don’t show photographs but we give a history of each place. Places such as the Colbeck Castle, the Church in the Wildwood, and the original damn in St. Catherine that was the place of a tragedy where over 30 men lost their lives in one accident.

The auto section features a beautiful and powerful 1960 Chevy Apache 10, owned by Victor Dixon from the town of Mandeville.

Khamara Wright was Miss Festival Queen for two consecutive terms due to COVID-19, read her story.

Head over to the North Coast of the island and see the Old Spanish Bridge which is now in the process of being taken away from the local community members and then take a dip in the famous Blue Hole with it’s clear and cool waters.

Enjoy the flora and the food section.

If you know anything about the history, you would know that you can’t do the history without the mention of Spanish Town. This issue has a very comprehensive history of Spanish Town so if you are history buff, this is for you.

We also introduce to you the country of Panama which is one of our neighbours and one that many Jamaicans worked on. Many Jamaicans became wealthy thanks to the Free zone in Panama. Great country to visit so learn more and take a trip.

Go and get your fish at Little Ochie Saefood Restaurant in Manchester at the foot of Spur Tree. Great food and service with great prices and a relaxing atmosphere.

We also feature Lacey Lane before she signed with WWE NXT and now wrestle as Kayden Carter. Part Jamaican and Pilipino, she continues to be a force to reckon with and there is also our auto section with a 1958 MG MGA classic, making sugar cane the old-fashioned way, the Hibiscus flower and a lot more.