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Jamaica is a food lover’s paradise.  Whether you eat meat or you are a vegan, your appetite can be satisfied.  You can get authentic Jamaican food as well as Mexican-Jamaican, Italian-Jamaican, Indian-Jamaican, and a lot more.  

Enjoy the following recipes and we will keep bringing you more recipes that you can try in the comfort of your own home with items that can be bought at most stores or at a West Indian or Caribbean store in the United States, Canada, or England. We have put together some recipes that we hope you will enjoy. Try them out and cook like a Jamaican.


Make some suthentic Jamaican dishes.


Different types of soups to enjoy.


Make some of the most popular drinks.

Rice & peas

Rice and Peas has got to be the most popular staple cooked in Jamaica. If haven’t cooked rice and peas then you are not cooking like a Jamaican.

Gungo Peas and Rice

Normally cooked in the Christmas season, the Gungo Peas and rice takes the place of regular Rice and Peas and adds to every holiday meal in the festive season.


Red Peas soup

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Conch Soup

Made from the Conch, this soup is a favourite for Jamaican men because of the belief that it helps with the libido.  Whether it does or not, this soup will warm your insides.


Ackee & Saltfish

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jamaican ginger beer

Ginger Beer has been around for centuries and has become a part of Jamaican culture.  Try this recipe and taste the true taste of Jamaican ginger beer.

cucumber juice

One of the most simple drinks to make.  Refreshing, hydrating and also said to help control cholesterol as well as regulate blood sugar.

egg nog

Popular especially at Christmas time, the egg nog was brought to Jamaica and has remained as part of our culture.

peanut punch

A favourite with men because of the effects it has on them.  There was even a song that said,”wee don’t drink bag juice pon base, strictly peanut punch to whine up the waist.

Irish Moss

Irish Moss has been around for years and is so popular now that you can get it in a tin but try the recipe and make it the good old fashioned way.


Sorrel Drinks

Who doesn’t like sorrel drinks?  At Christmas and beyond, this is a great one to make and it is also good for you.

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Jamaican Jerked Chicken

Check the recipes for one of Jamaicas favourite food. See how it turns out and enjoy.

Ackee and Salt Fish

Coming soon!

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