Need some family fun on a weekend? Well go on down to the Palisadoes Raceway and rent one of the go-karts from Zoom Karting and take some laps!

It’s a Sunday and you are trying to figure out what to do for fun. You could go to the beach but you have done that so many times and the sand in the car after is a big turn off. You could go out and get some ice cream but the family is tired of that and everyone is watching their weight and trying to be more healthy. You think about it and then this great idea comes up that you heard some friends talking about. How about karting? You know, those four wheel motorized vehicles that behave like a miniature Formula 1 car.

Well the children are excited, both big and small. Everyone packs into the car and you are off to the Palisadoes International Speedway right by the Norman Manley International Airport.

Karting is something that’s fun for the whole family. It’s where you can challenge each other to a race in a safe way as you do your laps around the track and you don’t need a driver’s license to do it!

The karts might be different colours but they all have the same type engines that can reach speeds as fast as 40 miles per hour and that’s 64.37 kph!

Peter Rae is the man to see if you want to enjoy this activity. After all he is a professional race car driver with over forty years of experience behind his belt. He races at Dover Speedway in St. Ann and also races karts when the time calls for it. He is known for the famous Pocket Rocket that hyper Austin Mini that used to tear up the track at Dover and overseas. You can reach Peter at 876-891-9852 and speak to him about your plans and renting a kart from Zoom Karting.

Karting has been happening in Jamaica from in the 80’s even though others say they know of it from in the 60’s. The track has been open from 1991 and is a professional track where races are held on set dates and the professionals come out and compete to see who is the best.

Group discounts are available and if the group rents by the hour it works out cheaper than by the lap. Racing lessons are also available and karts are available for children as young as 9 years old. You can also rent one of the high powered karts by appointment. Dress code is long jeans (pants) and tee shirts, sneakers or closed toe shoes.




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Karting Family Fun

Need some family fun on a weekend? Well go on down to the Palisadoes Raceway and rent one of the go-karts from Zoom Karting and

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