More About the Editor in Chief

Mr. Ferrari is a philanthropist by nature, and will tell you he learned it from his late father.  His days of taking care of people and helping whenever he could, started at a young age as he would go out with his father and others and deliver groceries to the poor as well as do work to make life easier for those who didn’t have it, such as mowing lawns and raking leaves.

Throughout his life, he has always looked for ways to help others.  Usually he does not wait to be called upon but does what he can when he sees a need.  As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons he came back to Jamaica was because he wanted to help people which saw him helping out at the then, Brown’s Town children’s home where he would treat the children and help some to go school.  One of his greatest joys, if you were to ask, was seeing a young lady that was from the children’s home, graduate from the St. Hilda’s High School in Browns Town.

Mr. Ferrari is a man that likes to do things for others, but really doesn’t care about being in the limelight.  He prefers to do and don’t wait for any praise or recognition.  After Hurricane Gilbert, he used his money to buy blankets and other household goods for people in his community.  Even when the roads were blocked and others were waiting for politicians to give out work to clear them, he took it upon himself to start the work on his own, and in not time, there were others joining in to help.  He even took care of families for up to 6 months after the hurricane until they got back on their feet.

Listed below are some of the notable things that he has done since returning to Jamaica.  I am sure there are other things also, but being the person, he is, he doesn’t talk about them much.

1: Helped refurbish 4 classrooms at the then Bog Walk High School

2: Helped refurbish the Rosemount Community Centre in Linstead, St. Catherine.

3: Got much needed equipment for the Harker’s Hall clinic such as a state-of-the-art refrigerator for the nurses and workers and an autoclave which helped the people from the community tremendously as they did not need to send the items all the way to the Linstead Hospital to be sterilized.

4: The Glengoffe Clinic was also the recipient of an autoclave as well as many other items due to Mr. Ferrari.

5: Linstead Primary School received a fowl coup, Refrigerator and deep freeze, students’ desk and other equipment.

6: The Ewarton Primary School received a computer lab.

7: The Nutthall Memorial Hospital received two baby incubators for their maternity unit as well as a refrigerator for the staff.

8: The Linstead Clinic received over 2 million dollars’ worth of dental equipment thanks to his help.

9: As one of his community projects, he helped the Mighty Gully Youth Project get over 1.5 million dollars’ worth of carving tools and other equipment to continue their community project.

10: His work does not stop in Jamaica but he has travelled to places like the Republic of Panama to carry much needed supplies to the Embera people deep in the jungle on more than one occasion.  He has worked tirelessly after major hurricanes and storms to make sure people were safe and roads were clear.  There is an instance that saw him jumping off of the famous Flat Bridge in St. Catherine, to save a passenger from a car that had gone off the bridge, just months after losing his 9-year-old son to murder.

He will tell you that his work continues as he loves to counsel young and old a like and if you watch him, you might see him dip into his pocket to help those who need it.  Many have tried to have him nominated for awards but he has never been interested as he does it not for praise and glory.

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